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“I have taken a few writing classes now, but by far Trevor L. Smith has been my favorite teacher. Trevor has a spark of magic in the way he teaches. It is clear that he has a deep passion for the craft and helping others. He teaches with such joy and passion that you can’t help but look forward to the next class. He delivers the information in a clear manner and is happy to answer any questions his students throw at him. He has renewed my love of writing.” - Diana L.


“After only two months of learning and training in photography with Mr. Smith, I got my first photography Job (using Mr. Smith's Camera and gear) and I've been working as a photographer part-time ever since.” - A.E. (High School Senior)


"Trevor L. Smith is truly one in a million. When I started attending his classes for screenwriting and producing this year, Trevor immediately welcomed me and made me feel like a part of the family. His energy and passion for filmmaking made his classes exciting and engaging, and he freely gave the students his books and other resources at no charge. I have two of Trevor’s publications: The EEEasy Approach to Great Storytelling and Screenwriting and Outlining Novels and Screenplays: 7-Step EEEasy Approach Workbook for Novels, Feature Films, and Television Screenplays. I believe these books are classics and should be in every filmmaker’s library. I am a published author, but I can honestly say that my writing has gone to the next level under the tutelage of Trevor L. Smith.

Another service that Trevor provides is coverage, which is a type of review and critique. He read my screenplay and gave me overall ratings in several categories: premise, plot, setting, characters, dialogue, story structure, screenplay formatting, conflict, theme (message), spelling/grammar, marketability, readability, and budget. Then he added detailed notes to each of the 121 pages of my screenplay, totaling 283 comments. It was the first time I received such thorough coverage from an individual or company that provides this service. After reading Trevor’s comments, all of which were positive, I was quickly able to edit and revise my screenplay. Trevor also met with me to go over his review of my work and allow me to ask questions. This entire process was a learning experience that enabled me to push beyond the limits I had created for myself. Trevor’s critiquing style and positive affirmation made me believe I could produce the film myself.

I love everything that Trevor is doing at Legacy Street. His theme of “A better you, a better me, a better world” perfectly reflects the organization’s many humanitarian accomplishments and aspirations as well as the heart of Mr. Trevor L. Smith, whom I applaud and support every step of the way." Pauline Williams, Ph.D.


Thanks to Mr. Trevor and Legacy Street Academy, I'm now earning money as a photographer, and three months ago, I didn't know anything about cameras.” - A.E. (High School Senior)


"When I started the class, I knew nothing about scriptwriting. I was winging everything and hoping for the best. Trevor taught us character development, structure, and more in an easy and simple way, which was so incredible and easy to learn. During his class, I was able to finish my first pilot for my series and I finished a proof of concept. Without this class, I wouldn’t have been able to do so. Trevor is amazing and I most definitely recommend his class.” - Rodney H.


"I just wanted to share with you all how incredible the class with Trevor is! He has sooo much passion and excitement while teaching it made it even more fun to learn. He also gives you a very practical way to approach screenwriting if you tend to be overanalyzing before starting. I highly recommend jumping on especially

if you need a little push to get started or remain motivated." - Jennifer M.


"I’m the Executive Producer, Writer and CEO of IHN Films, an independent Christan/family orientated film company in Montana.

In June of 2022 I met Trevor L Smith when I took his free writing class online, at the time I was writing my film Wounded Pride, the story of the Prodigal Son told as a western, I had developed a block and needed to get through it. Trevor Took me by the hand and got me through it, not only did he get me through, he also agreed to read the script and give me feedback. A week later I sent Trevor the script, two days later he called me to say he loved the script, thought it was amazing and would help me in any way I needed. Once I made some revisions on my part, I sent Trevor the script with the permission to polish the Script. Without changing anything in the storyline. Trevor polished up the script and helped take it from a great script to a masterpiece.

The film is now scheduled to shoot in June 2023, has Ben Davies, David A. R. White, Kevin Sorbo, and others who have agreed to partake in the film just from reading it.

Trevor is now a very close friend; we collaborate on projects and we help each other when we can.

Trevor is the real deal; he won’t charge you for his services and will go out of his way to make you successful.

I’m so glad I met Trevor and have been extremely blessed to have him as a very good friend." - Mark Clayton Simmons, Executive Producer IHN Films LLC www.ihnfilms.com


"Trevor’s passion is second to none. I highly recommend the course for all budding screenwriters. Not only does he teach the mechanics behind screenwriting, he also teaches the art of telling a great story and helping writers with their mindset. He puts a great emphasis on the latter two. He made learning fun for me and inspired creativity when I was feeling stuck. I’ve learned a lot from this class and would urge you to sign up if you’re thinking about screenwriting, either as a hobby or a new career path!" - Stephanie L.


“Highly recommend to any and all who are just beginning their screenwriting journey or need a refresher course.” - Stephanie B.


"I took this class and honestly hands down The BEST EVER!!!!! I've learned so much. I barely knew anything before I started and now I've completed my screenplay!!! Don't hesitate, just do it! I promise you will not be disappointed!!" - Jade D.

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