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THE EEEEASY APPROACH TO SAVING THE WORLD, Living Life to the Fullest, and Just Tryin to Make it Another Day!

This podcast is a weekly 45-minute life-transforming and world-changing show hosted by, Trevor L. Smith, Creator of the EEEEasy Approach to Great Storytelling and Screenwriting and Founder of Legacy Street Academy, a FREE creative, visual and performing arts school on a mission to help end world hunger, homelessness, and human trafficking. If you want to do the impossible, live your best life, be encouraged to take another step towards your dreams or goals, or you just need to know that someone is in your corner rooting for you, join Trevor L. Smith on his mission to do the impossible based on a trilogy he's been writing since 2015 inspired by true events... And for you storytellers, writers, screenwriters, and those wanting to learn or hone their craft, you are sure to learn some amazing things to add to your creative toolbox in regards to GREAT STORYTELLING! Book #1 "A Dying Angel's Last Wish"

Thursdays @ 12:15pm PST Live Via Zoom.

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Story and Screenwriting Mastery: the EEEEASY Approach PODCAST

EXPERIENCE, EXPRESS, EXTRACT, and EMBODY are the EEEEASY keys for ANYONE to become a great storyteller, writer, or screenwriter.

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