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Donate Instruments and Equipment

Legacy Street Academy is seeking donations of:

Musical Instruments and Equipment

  • Acoustic and Electrical Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Electronic Pianos and Keyboards
  • Drum Sets and Accessories
  • Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Tuners, and Cords
  • Microphones, Stands, and Music Stands
  • Monitors, Speakers, Stands, and Cables
  • Laptops and Recording Equipment

Photography, Video, and Film Equipment

  • Video Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories
  • Photography Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories
  • Tripods, Stabilizers, and Sliders
  • Location Sound-Recording Equipment
  • Microphones, Boom Poles, and Headphones
  • Lights, Fixtures, Reflectors, Gels, etc.
  • Computers/laptops for editing, podcasting, Voice-overs

Physical Fitness and Martial Arts Equipment

  • Heavy Bags, Pads, and Grappling Mats
  • Gloves and Sparring Gear
  • Uniforms and Belts
  • Exercise Equipment

Miscellaneous Donations

  • Class and Office Space
  • Software (Writing/Production/Editing/Graphic Design)
  • Vehicles
  • Housing
  • Property

Sacramento and surrounding area residents:

If you have items to donate that are in good working condition please contact us at donations@legacystreet.org to discuss a local pickup.

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